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EcoEdge Distributors is a West Australian distributor of some of Australia’s most cutting edge and current energy efficient/ water saving and fertiliser optimization products !

We have developed key national and state relationships and are able to import and represent some of the worlds best products that are able to deliver retail outlets the latest and most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

With over 20 years working in and for Reticulation and Irrigation companies, Ecoedge has been born out of those relationships and has been able to build on those relationships and connect the right people to ensure products and opportunities are developed and made possible for retailers to on sell to the market.

We are proud to have developed a solid range of water saving/ energy saving/ garden friendly products that will allow our retail partners to generate good interest and problem solving for their clients. We look forward to continuing to add to our stable of products over time.

If you are looking for quality, reliable and trustworthy representation of your product into West Australia, please feel free to get in touch.

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About us

Ecoedge specialise in supplying energy efficient, water saving, and environmentally friendly products to Irrigation and Reticulation retailers.

Our staff have over thirty years experience between them and can provide you with all the information you need for choosing a range of products to stock that will help with your clients  maintaining, repairing and installing reticulation products to manage their gardens, golf courses, turf farms, lawns.

Come in and chat to Shaun.

EZFLO Fertigation & Bore Treatment


EZFLO systems are the newest and most innovative fertigation product on the market for both residential and commercial properties.

Fertigation, as the name implies, is the process in which fertilisers are applied with the irrigation water: Fertiliser + Irrigation. Fertigation has various advantages over other fertilisation methods, and when properly used, it saves time, water, inputs and money.

– Installed in minutes
– Uses any liquid or water soluble product
– Only refill every 6-8 weeks
– combine multiple products
– Works with both drip and spray irrigation
– Connects straight to your main line

Saves TIME
– Feeds the entire garden
– lawn, trees, shrubs and flowers
– Feeds continuously in small amounts for optimal results

– Uses up to 90% less fertiliser due to superior nutrient absorption
– Uses up to 52% less water
– Reduces and or eliminates insect and weed control requirements

Eco friendly
– Eliminates fertiliser run off
– Eliminates exposure to toxic chemicals
– Organic and natural product choices

Ezflo Dosing Treatment

If you would like to know more about how EZFLO can save you time and money, contact us now.

Shaun 0487240338

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Ezee Products



Nedlands Council

“After a year of trialing Ezflo products, utilizing the unique dosing system with wetting agent, irrigation technicians for the City estimate a reduction of up to 15 – 20% in water usage, while noticing a 15 – 20 % improvement in the grass plant health and sustainability. The City of Nedlands has installed Ezflo units and associated fittings to 40 of its 62 parks over the past 12 months and looks forward to the continued benefit supplied by the range of Ezflo products.” 
Craig New – Parks Coordinator (Irrigation) City of Nedlands

Bunbury & Mercy Catholic College
Ecoedge installed a 2 x 112 Litre Ezflo systems Nov 2017.

We purchased our Fertigation System on the 29th of November 2018. The system that Shaun supplied and fitted for us has been a great success.

We are currently using this system on both our campuses now. We are running liquid fertilizers and wetting agents through them both.

The Ezflo has reduced our annual fertilizing by 50%. It has also saved us a significant amount of time in man hours.

The system is very reliable and easy to use.

I would highly recommend the Ezflo Fertigation product to any school, with excellent back up and ongoing support from Shaun.


Darryl Alietti
Property Services Manager
Extension: 2217
Mobile: 0427 519 634



Francis Jordon College

Ecoedge installed a 75 Litre & 2 x 9.4 Litre Ezflo system Jan 2017.

Really happy with the service from Ecoedge, Shaun continually follows up on his work.

The fertigation system is easy to use and find that the wetting agents are supplied evenly on the oval.

Just fill once a month.

Already got rid of the dead spots on the oval.

We don’t need to have trucks spreading granules anymore, I can just install the products myself.

I’m like that we now can use organic fertlisers and buy it from Ecoedge.

Knowing its safe for the children and we are looking after the environment.

Maurice Seamons


Francis Jordan Catholic Primary School

Peterborough Drive, Currambine, WA 6028

Star of the Sea Catholic Primary School


Ecoedge installed a 38 Litre Ezflo system Oct 2016.

Ezflo working very well and is simple to use.

Haven’t used contractors spreading granules for 6 months and the ovals and garden beds are looking very green and healthy.

I’v turned down my watering time by 10 min each station with the same results, taking off about 7 hours of watering time a week.

I love having the control of what products to spread on our lawn now.

I like to use liquid Organic Express NPK fetliliser and Environex wetting agents that I get from Ecoedge.

Good to be using more natural fertlisers.



Lumen Christi College


Ecoedge installed a 112 Litre Ezflo system Sept 2016.

Lumen Christi have install the 112 Ezflo unit to our retic system last year.

Very happy with the installation and service from Ecoedge.

Easy system to use, just pour in liquid wetting agents and it easily goes through the sprinklers.

Watering in and getting the maximin use out of the products.

Don’t have to use boom sprays anymore.

Saving time and eventually saving water by treating the soil.

Ian Robinson

Property Maintenance Manager

Lumen Christi College


Westland Turf: Lawn & Turf Supplies


         Ecoedge installed a 112 Litre Ezflo system August 2016.

Installed 112 Litre Ezflo last year at our Bullsbrook farm and eventually we will use the Ezflo on our other turf farms.

We have been using liquid wetting agents in the fertigation.

Recently just started using organic “Eco Vital” supplied from Ecoedge.

Dosing through our centre pivots sprays.

Has been very affective with even coverage and I’m confident about reducing water use.

Effective and easy way to spread fertilisers.

Farm Manager

St Jude’s Catholic Primary School


          Ecoedge installed a 9.4 Litre Ezflo system Sept 2016.

For year I’v had contractors coming out and spreading chemical after chemical, top soiling.

I was suspecting this can’t be good for the turf, it was green for a short while and then back to looking unhealthy.

Ecoedge has educated us about getting the soil back to where it should be.

Using the fertigation unit to make use of the sprinklers system, watering in consistently.

We love using the Organic fertilisers that Shaun (Ecoedge) recommended and sells, Express NPK and Eco Vital.

I recommend that every school should install a fertigation system.

Really easy to use, love it.

Daniel Stone


Just before calibration by adjusting the CBV valve.

Testimonials coming soon

City Of Swan Council – installed 5 x 19 litre Ezflo units in October 2017

AG Buffalo farm – installed 38 litre Ezflo unit in January 2018

            Corpus Christri College, Bateman – installed 112 litre Ezflo unit in January 2018


Tips to keeping your garden healthy and thriving all year round.

Many home owners unnecessarily over water their lawns and gardens. The best way to water your turf is to give less frequent, but deep waterings. The water will penetrate deep into your soil, and the top layer of soil will dry out. This will encourage roots to grow deep searching for water, making them much more drought and heat tolerant requiring less water. If you water every day, the top layer of soil stays moist which allows the turfs roots to be lazy and stay on the top. When the sun bakes down onto the soil, the top layer where all the roots are dries out quickly and you will see your turf wilt during heat. If the roots are deep down, they will be protected from the heat and will have plenty of moisture available to them as the lower soil layers are still moist.

Aerating your lawn each year will also allow water to penetrate deeply. If you are preparing a new lawn to be laid, ensure there is organic matter or more actual soil and not a sandy mixture in the lower layers for roots to establish in. If you turf underlay is too sandy, it will drain very freely and you will need to irrigate more often. A sandy layer is fine for the top 50mm, allowing the water to easily infiltrate deep into the lower layers which will hold the moisture.

Raise the height of your lawnmower so that the turf has longer leaf blades. A higher cut turf will shade roots much more than a short cut lawn.

Mulch garden beds 50-100mm thick to retain moisture and prevent soil drying out from heat and wind. Wind will quickly dry out soils and mulch will help retain moisture.

Use a wetting agent to help overcome hydrophobic (Water repellent) soil. Over time some soils can repel water due to the individual soil particles being coated in oils from breaking down mulch or leaves from nearby trees. A wetting agent will help remove these oils allowing your soil to absorb water again. The addition of organic materials such as composted manures and mushroom compost can also help hydrophobic soils and aid water absorption.

Install a weather station so that your controller will adjust run times based on actual weather at your property. Weather stations save around 30% of water use by reducing run times during cooler weather and increasing run times during warmer weather, instead of a pre-set amount of time regardless of what the weather has been doing.

Group plants together that have the same water requirements, in other words don’t plant thirsty plants with drought hardy plants.


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